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SAMIL provides a wide range of solutions in elastomer processing ranging from rubber compounding to injection moulded rubber parts, bonded parts, moulded liquid silicon parts and extruded rubber components for a spectrum of industries.

SAMIL manufactures extruded rubber components and has in-house rubber mixing facilities. It has a non tyre related rubber mixing plant in Australia having extensive technical capabilities in formulation and development of rubber compounds with over 1900 formulae to cover a wide range of applications.

Injection Moulded Rubber Components

The rubber injection moulding facilities of the group support the automotive and other industries with a wide range of rubber components such as: grommets, boots, bellows, gaskets, seals, water strike back valves, damper rings, nozzels, rubber to plastic & rubber to metal products. The facilities are supported with cryogenic de-flashing, in-house tool maintenance and complete in-house testing facilities.

Bonded Components

• Suspension Bushes
• Engine & Transmission Variants
• Bump Stops
• Large Engine Gaskets

Extruded Rubber Profiles

• Weather Strips
• Glass Run
• Boot and Hood Seals
• Tank Straps
• Rubber Flares