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Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems India Limited
Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems India Ltd. (FICS) is a joint venture between Matsui Technologies India Ltd. (MTIL) and Frigel, Italy which is a leading company in cooling equipment application such as plastic moulding and extrusion, beverage preparation and filling, metal processing, oil and gas.

Area of Business

Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems India Ltd. undertakes manufacturing, marketing, installation and servicing of Frigel products in India and SAARC region.

Foremost among Frigel’s products is Ecodry, an unique, closed-loop intelligent, environmentally friendly, patented cooling system, keeps cooling water clean, delivers substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. Frigel also manufactures and markets the unique, cycle-time improving Microgel combination chiller/booster/temperature control unit (MTC), as well as Turbogel booster and Thermogel MTCs, Aquagel pumping and filtration equipment, Heavygel central chillers and Netgel digital Internet of Things control panels.

Product range includes:

• Centralized adiabatic closed loop cooler
• Centralized chiller (air and water cooled)
• Machine side chiller/booster/temperature controller
• Machine side booster/temperature controller
• Mould temperature controller
• Heat and cool mould temperature controller
• Dehumidifying dryer
• Cap cooler
• VFD pumping station
• Filtration and buffer SS tank
• Cooling system digital control panel
• Machine interactive Data Base Management System