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Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec
Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR) is the mirror division of MSSL. SMR specialises in the manufacturing of automotive mirrors.  SMR has a network of manufacturing, design and marketing centres in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, India, China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan & Australia.

Area of Business:
Principal business activities of SMR include designing, manufacturing, producing and supplying exterior and interior mirrors for the international automotive industry. SMR develops and produces a wide range of exterior mirrors from basic, manually adjusted mirrors to high-value mirrors with integrated systems such as camera- based detection systems, side turn indicator lamps and assist system signal lights. SMR’s interior mirrors product line consists mainly of prismatic mirrors and it also develops high- value interior mirrors with features such as integrated displays and microphones and garage door openers.
The company focuses on technology and innovation which helps it to maintain a competitive edge in exterior mirrors and to expand its product portfolio to interior mirrors of various types and blind spot detection cameras, as well as enabling further expansion into new product segments.