Business Divisions


Health & Medical
The Health & Medical division is focused on helping people everywhere become and stay healthy, and enabling access to high-quality affordable care for everyone. This is done by providing innovative products, solutions and services in markets globally.

The division uses its deep expertise in product design, engineering, artificial intelligence as well as other cutting edge and emerging technologies, to design and take to market innovative first-of-their-kind products. With its deep collaborations with universities, hospital systems and research centres around the world, the division remains at the forefront of emerging science and innovation in the health and medical space, using it to continuously expand its portfolio to positively impact lives at a global scale.

With its constantly expanding global footprint, SAMIL is uniquely positioned to provide its partners with a simple, effective and highly resilient globally local solution for manufacturing, assembly and supply of their products. The Health & Medical division engages with medical equipment and medical device companies to forge strategic partnerships for global manufacturing solutions that create and unlock value for them, and mitigate potential risks and disruptions to their global supply chains.

SAMIL strongly believes that fostering widespread, yet focused, innovation is critical to achieving its goals of helping people become healthy and stay healthy, and enabling access to affordable quality care for all. The Health & Medical division actively engages with startups, research groups and national programs across the world and assists them to develop and bring their products to market.