Business Divisions


Lighting & Electronics 

The Lighting & Electronics division consists of a spectrum of businesses that focus on OEM supplies and also do business through direct channels. The bouquet of products that this division offers includes exterior lighting and electronics, passenger car HVAC compressors, body control modules, shock absorbers and products for backward integration like aluminium die-casted components and clutch assembly for HVAC Compressors. The division also engages in the area of direct B2B supply, utilizing various distributor networks and engaging in direct sales and services to the end customer for automotive parts in the independent aftermarket and marketing of air compressors and paint coating equipment.

The Lighting & Electronics division serves the automotive sector together with other multiple industries. The division offers industry independent solutions in conjunction with many collaborators globally like Marelli Europe S.p.A. (Italy) for lighting systems, electronics, shock absorbers and gas balancers; Youngshin Components Co. Ltd. (South Korea) for clutches for car AC compressors, Marelli Corporation (Japan) for passenger car HVAC and compressors and Anest Iwata Corporation (Japan) for air compressors and paint coating equipment.