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MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs Ltd.
MIND an IT services company, is a subsidiary of SAMIL in collaboration with Sumitomo Wiring Systems (Japan), specialising in Engineering Design & Software Development. The company has offices in Noida in India.

Area of Business:

MothersonSumi INfotech & Design Limited (“MIND”) undertakes the provision of various information technology and engineering and design services. The information technology services (“IT Services”) include enterprise applications, software development, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing services for the automotive industry, including from a supply chain management perspective. MIND has entered into advanced partnerships with leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Infosim, HP, and Dell.

In addition, MIND provides end-to-end engineering and design services in relation to product and tooling design and prototype design.

In addition to its experience with the automotive industry, MIND has developed domain expertise in the health care, education and travel industries.