Business Divisions


Modules & Polymer Products

SAMIL specialises in developing and manufacturing a wide range of plastic products and integrated modules for both vehicle exteriors as well as interiors. SAMIL is a global Tier I supplier to all the leading automobile OEMs for polymer components and modules. It is one of the largest manufacturers of IP modules, door trims and bumpers in Europe and is also one of the largest manufacturers of plastic components and modules in India.

SAMIL’s range of polymer products includes plastic components and modules for vehicle interiors, such as cockpit modules, door trim modules, centre consoles and pillar trims, as well as vehicle exteriors, such as bumper modules and front end modules. This division also produces high precision components, aesthetic and assembled parts. SAMIL offers tailored solutions for manufacturing plastic parts as per the diverse requirements of the customers.

Moulding Technologies

• 2k and 4k moulding
• Plastic Injection Moulding
• Gas assisted Injection Moulding
• Low pressure Injection Moulding
• Insert Moulding
• In Mould Lamination
• Blow Moulding
• Slush Moulding
• Vacuum Forming

Post Moulding Processes

• Ultrasonic Welding
• Vibration Welding
• Hot Foiling
• Printing
• Body Colour Matched Painting
• Fabric Upholstery
• Assembly
• Thermolaminating

Mould design and manufacturing capabilities of SAMIL are key to its ability to provide full system solutions. The tool rooms specialise in high precision multi-cavity injection moulding tools ranging from small and medium size to large size tools up to 3200 tons. The complete range of services from tool design to tool manufacturing and injection moulding under one roof makes it a total tooling solutions provider. SAMIL provides a wide range of solutions in Elastomer Processing, ranging from Rubber Compounding to Injection Moulded Rubber Parts, Bonded Parts and Extruded Rubber Components for a spectrum of industries including Automotive, Medical, Home Appliances and General Industrial Applications. The division is further sub-divided into


Polymers and Tooling