Group Companies



Motherson Techno Tools Limited

Motherson Techno Tools Limited (MTTL) is a joint venture between SAMIL and Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal Corp., Japan.

Area of Business :

MTTL specialises in manufacturing of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Cutting tools, PCD drills, PCD reamers, solid carbide drills.

The main products offered are ISO & customised indexable Inserts for Turning, Milling and Grooving, Valve Seat Ring Bites, Boring Bars, PCD rotary tools.

The company also specialises in manufacturing of customised tools as per the customers' application requirements and offers drill re-sharpening services also.

The product range includes Indexable Inserts for Turning and Milling, Grooving Inserts, Bites and Blades, Boring Bites, Valve Seat Ring Bites, Gear Cutting Tools e.g. Hob, Shaving Cutters, Broaches and Band Saw, Precision Tooling Systems, Diamond & CBN Grinding Solutions, Back Spot Facing, Back Chamfering & Deburring Solutions.