Group Companies



Samvardhana Motherson Auto Component

The Motherson Group specializes in aluminium die casting and machining under technical assistance from Reterra Inc., Japan. The group has state-of-the-art equipment with robotic die casting, heat treatment, shot blasting, precision machining, inspection, testing and heat treatment facilities. The group manufactures parts for 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers.

Area of Business :

Engine Parts

  • Chain Case
  • Water Pump
  • Oil cooler Cover
  • Oil filter Adapter
  • Steering Housing

Powertrain parts

  • Oil Pump Cover
  • Electronic Controlled Coupling
  • Rear Differential

High strength parts

  • Engine Mount
  • Bracket
  • Torque Rod
  • Brake Parts

High Pressure Parts

  • AC Compressor parts
  • Hydraulic pump parts
  • Brake parts


The company is located in

  • Manesar (India)