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Samvardhana Motherson Auto System (SMAS) Pvt. Ltd.
Samvardhana Motherson Auto System (SMAS) Pvt. Ltd., is the after-market arm of the Motherson Group. Company is engaged in the business of distributing and selling automotive and non automotive products through its widespread network of 100 plus distributors across India and exports.

The products of SMAS are marketed under the brand name “Motherson Auto Parts.”

Area of Business

The business is spread across various segments such as passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, two wheelers, accessories and industrial. The company is committed to its customers and aims to build lasting relationships by elevating experiences in terms of service, product delivery and product quality.

Product range includes:

• Auto Suspension Parts
• Brake parts
• Cables
• Rearview Mirrors
• Cabin Filters
• Telematics
• Aerobin Composter