Group Companies



Samvardhana Motherson Adsys Tech Limited
Samvardhana Motherson Adsys Tech Limited (SMAST) is part of the Motherson Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of Samvardhana Motherson International Limited (SAMIL), the principal holding company of Motherson.

SMAST has been established to serve as the platform for Motherson’s initiative into the Aerospace sectors. The focus of SMAST is to become a preferred global solutions provider by delivering Motherson’s existing capabilities and actively adding new capabilities to meet customer requirements.

SMAST is working in close collaboration with other operating verticals of Motherson to serve customers in India and overseas. This includes customised electronics, up-armouring, cyber security, wiring harness, polymers, vision systems, elastomers, metal working, HVAC, air handling solutions and detailed machined sheet metal parts.