Business Divisions


Technology & Industrial Solutions 

The division focuses on technology and innovations that will spearhead SAMIL on the technology front and help it be a one-stop shop for customers globally for their various product needs. This is a division that aims to be truly visionary and think beyond the present capabilities of the group. It aims to meet the changing market needs of customers and have a futuristic approach in understanding industry trends and their relevance to the group.

The Technology & Software division sustains the digital foundation of the group’s global operations while also providing cutting-edge IT solutions to external clients from different industry verticals globally. It ensures delivery of a well-connected, robust and secure IT Infrastructure to manage information flow across the enterprise. A diverse pool of global ERP systems and smart business applications manage complex processes and data, digitalizes and integrates workflows, improves collaboration on programs and adds agility to decisions and actions.

IoT and automation capabilities are actively capitalized upon for real-time data acquisition from the shop floor to improve visibility and also for process enablement.

Analytics capabilities of the division ensure that a layer of intelligence sits on top of a vast pool of data acquired from the enterprise IT ecosystem thus providing improved control to business stakeholders.

The division has also forayed in the healthcare solutions and offers healthcare IT solutions that align technology, businesses and customers. We work with external customers in their digital transformation journey and assist them in their automation process and the streamlining of business processes with our innovative IT solutions, thereby driving intelligence in the healthcare sector.

The division also deals with telematics and designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of products including connected car infotainment systems, customised telematics units (GPS trackers, SOS and OBD devices) and defence and industrial IoT electronics.